Our Process

Step 1 – Initial Phone Meeting

A brief call will help both you and us to judge whether our approach and services align with your goals.

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Step 2 – First In-Person Meeting

As you explain your goals, your approach to the markets and unique position, the vision for your financial life and strategy becomes more concrete.

Step 3 – Analysis

We review everything you have shown us, bringing together professional research, financial planning software, and years of training and experience to create an executive summary of the recommended course of action.

Step 4 – Second In-Person Meeting

We present and you assess our recommendations. Are they in line with the vision you set early on? What are the steps for moving forward? Ask us every question.

Step 5 – Your Decision

We will not rush you. Ask more questions. We are here when you are ready.

Step 6 – Implementation

We walk you through the mechanics of becoming a client and prepare and process any necessary paperwork. Regular, ongoing communication keeps you informed of our thinking and advice for planning and the markets and makes sure that we know when your plans evolve.